Zebra (Painting)

Here’s Zebra, the second of two pieces commissioned by a client which I worked on secretly during late 2010 (the first being Emu).

Acrylic on box canvas approx 20cm square.


zebra 02


WIP #1 – Outline painted

zebra WIP #1

WIP #2 – Adding in the black of the zebra with some shading.

zebra WIP #2

WIP #3 – Adding in the white/cream of the zebra with light/shade.

zebra WIP #3

WIP #4 – Background layers started.

zebra WIP #4

WIP #5 – Background complete and starting to paint lines back in.

zebra WIP #5

WIP #6 – Painting completed and signed.

zebra WIP #6

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4 comments on “Zebra (Painting)
  1. Mikki says:

    These are brilliant Rachel! They just keep getting better….

  2. Renata M. says:

    Hi Rachel, I’m from Brazil and I loved your artwork!
    The pop-up cards are really amazing :)

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Rachel Groves, Artist
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