1. Yes… I understand that feeling. When my fatigue got really bad, it felt like I was stuck in a tomb within a tomb within a tomb…

  2. What gets me is when that exhaustion hits like a ton of bricks and I hardly make it to a bed. When I use to drive I brought in my truck a blanket and my very large dog with water, food enough for one day and small toiletries. I never knew if I would need to pull over and sleep. I never knew for how long I’d sleep. On several occasions it was up to 9 hours. When it hits it hits hard and the only safe thing is to pull over. I don’t have a car anymore but if I did I’d still need to carry those things with me.

    I dissociate and I have Fibro and Lupus. When you combine them exhaustion can make a heinous foe.


  3. Just come across this one now Rachel. OMG! You really have an amazing talent, that takes my breath away. I honest to God think you could be the next Frido Khalo!

  4. Hi Rachel, I was just googling images about ME/CFS and some of your work came up. Not only do I like your style, but this particular drawing was done on my 30th birthday, when I was just getting in the swing of being ill with ME, but hadn’t been diagnosed. Fortunately that day I was OK, and managed to have a great party, but I paid for it afterwards! Anyway, just wanted to say how much I like your work, and wish you all the best. Hope you’re feeling OK today, take care x

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