Who is that? (sketchbook)

This sketch turned out to look nothing like my brother or indeed anyone alive – I rushed the face.  I prefer it with the face blanked out (it’s so horrible) and I quite like the stereo in the background. 

 23 Feb 2007 Portrait No Face

[IMAGE 23feb2007_portrait_noface.jpg] 

Only problem is once I blank the face out I start spotting mistakes everywhere else! But it’s a quick sketch posted in the hope of showing progession and as a journal of my little life.

Practice practice practice … 

Here’s the full sketch in all it’s horror.

23 Feb 2007 Portrait 

[IMAGE thumbnail 23feb2007_portrait.jpg] 

 Ink and watercolour – A6 sketchbook

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  1. You’re funny 😀 I like the one “in all its horror” myself, it’s a good sketch! sometimes drawn faces are so much better when they’re not all that photorealistic.

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