Old Drawings

I thought I’d share some old drawings from 2004-2005 (pre M.E.)

Reflection is good for progress after all.

Old - Direction A doodley drawing. Ink. Paper 43x31cm.

[IMAGE old_2005__direction.jpg]

Doodle Circles - Star I love those tiny circles. Ink and silver pen.

[IMAGE old_2005_star.jpg]

Doodle Circles - Sparkle Love them.  Ink and silver pen. Paper 43x31cm.

[IMAGE old_2005_sparkle.jpg]

Old - Scratch Absent minded scratchy drawing. Ink A3

[IMAGE thumbnail old_scratch.jpg]

Old Tree Experimenting with spirals. Ink. Paper 11×11″

[IMAGE thumbnail old_2004_tree.jpg]

Old - Figure Sketch Figure sketch from magazine photo. Ink A3

[IMAGE thumbnail old_2004_sketch.jpg]

Old - Family Starting point for a painting I still haven’t done. Permanent marker A3

[IMAGE thumbnail old_family.jpg]

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