Sculpture from 2006

Inspired and confident from all your kind support I’d thought it might be fun to share some old work with you.

Starting with my first pieces of sculpture.  Both from 2006.

Figure without smile


This was my first piece of sculpture.  About 6 inches high made from paper mache pulp.  Polystyrene foam used as armature (I love carving polystyrene!). The figure came from some bad emotions, head hung low and arms lifeless.

firstsculpture1 firstsculpture3 firstsculpture4 firstsculpture5

Tree of Life


Happier times!  Inspired by the work I did on our wedding invitations and stationery, in turn inspired by one of Klimt’s friezes featuring tree of life and gorgeous spirals.  It needs another coat of paint but as it’s been lying around for a year without getting that I thought I might as well share it as is!

Paper mache (mixture of paper strips and pulp) on wire with acrylic paint. Some polystyrene foam within the base to bulk it out.


If I get to do more paper mache sculpture I might even tell you my pulp recipe 😉

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8 comments on “Sculpture from 2006
  1. elemishra says:

    I love, love, love your figure without a smile, it’s really beautiful.

  2. bradydale says:

    That sculpture is great. It’s intriguing to me because I went through a period of really wanting to try sculpture and this is similar to what I’d envisioned (not quite the same, but enough to startle me)

  3. suzanne says:

    I LOVE your sculpture. I believe it is it’s sadness that makes it so beautiful.

  4. Tim (timtfj) says:

    I like them both – the first one isn’t cheerful but gives a sense of heaviness and exhaustion – hands as heavy weights on arms too weak to lift them. I want to show it to all the people who don’t understand what depression is. I can see the Klimt connection in the other one, and like the style.

  5. Ani says:

    I really like your sculpture, it does give a sad feeling.I like the golden one better though.:)……. I want to do a sculpture of a simple human form, but i dont know how i could do the armature, Ive never worked with paper mache before. Could you give me some tips, please?

    • The gold one uses craft wire for the armature.

      The figure uses polystyrene blocks (from boxes used for packing electric items) carved with a craft knife. Use cocktail sticks to join pieces together. You can use PVA glue too.

      Use a combination of wire, plastic junk (bottles, lids, CD’s, etc) and polystrene. Masking tape or PVA glue to hold pieces together.

      Some great tutorials and advice on including armatures, papier mache recipes and tutorials on how to make specific pieces.

  6. Ani says:

    Thank you very much 🙂

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