Windows Frustration (Doodle)

Spent hours this afternoon getting my mom’s PC up to date with it’s Windows updates.  Even Norton updates took me an hour to sort.  Still more Windows updates to do. Sigh. 

Why do they have to make software so unfriendly?  Especially when it’s integral to using the PC.  Constant warnings and messages scare my mom – so she’s reluctant to use the PC and so never gets comfey with it.   

So annoying to spend all that money on an operating system to have to download fix after fix after fix!  My mom is still on dial up (it’s sooo painful) – so I had to kidnap her hard drive to talk to my broadband.  It would cost a fortune otherwise.

Anyway – during my hours and hours of babysitting the PC I got to doodling to vent some frustration.

I was so tired it brought on my ME/CFS brain fog and I spelt “why” wrong.  How embarrassing!

 Windows Frustration Medium

[IMAGE] A4 biro

Here’s a super large version if you really want to read all my rant 😉

Windows Frustration Large

[IMAGE thumbnail]

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2 comments on “Windows Frustration (Doodle)
  1. Christ Almond says:

    When I have to do this sort of task, I usually chain-smoke and churn with dumb fury. By the way, WYH is a standard acronym for Watch Your Head.

  2. cammomile says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I’ve tagged you for a meme. I want to know more about you! Details are here, or on my blog. If you can find the time to participate, that would be great. If you can’t, no worries, I still like you and think your blog is great!

    Camille NOW

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