Simply Successful Secrets

I’m part of an experiment 😉  Well a meme (I learnt a new word today!).

I was tagged by Camille and you can read more about the project on the Today is That Day blog where it all started.

Like many others it took me a while to figure out how I am successful … I’m not successful am I …??

Realising that for me success isn’t just about money, status, adoration or output … I’m ready to share …

My top 10 habits for success:

1. Love

Love fully and wholly.  Love with acceptance and open heart.  Everything and everyone and all things (well, almost all 😉

2. Laugh

Giggle, laugh and belly laugh. Find and create humour. Smile. Feed my child like side. Allow joy in my life. 

3. Communicate

Email, blog, phone, talk, listen, write, body language, eye contact, wave, touch.  Communication in and out – like breath in my body

4. Nuture my creativity

… in any kind of way – doodle, draw, journal, day-dream, get lost in a detail of life, write, observe, paint, sculpt, daydream, play – use my creativity however, whenever, wherever.

5. Sleep

Lots. Ideally get the sleep my body wants and not take sleep as measured by a clock

6. Wrap myself with quiet

Quiet … a luxury.  Allow my brain, creativity, body and soul to breathe

7. Empathise

See the world and all life in it in a million different ways – it’s a gift but I use it, use it, use it … never to lose it

8. Use positivity

Find positivity in difficult things, accept positivity into my life, use positive thinking to challenge negative nastiness

9. Trust

Trust myself, trust those I love, trust my instincts, trust that it all works out in the end.  Related to this are beliefs/habits of “just do it”, “this is a small detail of a big picture that I can’t see yet” and “worrying won’t change the outcome”

10. Stop … and think

When I’m in a rush or feeling rash – stop and think and check things over. When I’m tangled up in mood or emotion – stop and think and apply another secret from this list.  When I’m in pain or discomfort or exhausted – stop and think and do right things, good things.


This was a very enlightening exercise.  Thanks to Camille for dragging me in on it 🙂

My turn to pass it on so … “tag – you’re it” to:

Paul Groves

Ele Mishra

Shanti Marie

Amy Wilson


Christ Almond


  1. Hi Rachel,
    I came to visit your space via Camille. When I read your current entry my first reaction was, kindness and compassion starts from the center; the source in this space. I will definitely be keeping an idea on your blog and your journey.

  2. Wow Rachel… you don’t mess around! You do ‘Just Do It!’ Good for you! Point of effectiveness taken! Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks Princess Haiku 🙂

    Camille – well in truth I usually ‘just do it’ so I don’t forget! My memory is not brilliant due to my CFS/ME but the one thing I do have at the moment is plenty of time. So I can afford to just dive in – especially when it captures my interest or imagination 🙂

  4. Rachel, I don’t blame you. You are doing so great, and you are so prolific, perhaps it’s better not to fix something that ‘ain’t broke’ so to speak.
    Keep up the good work! I am so happy to have found you… I hope your secrets revealed can work for me too!
    Kind regards,

  5. Rachel,

    I LOVE your list! However, before even getting to your list, you shared this wonderful wisdom:

    “…success isn’t just about money, status, adoration or output…”

    I am truly grateful that so many people have realized exactly that as they have taken part in this project. Then, when you get to also write out an enlightening list such as yours, that’s just a bonus! 🙂

    Thanks for your contribution, Rachel!

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