Woe (Cut-Up Poem)


Words of Warning
World Of Electronics
The people of Woe are reputed to be very kind
we have to change that

Definition:   suffering
a transaction security component
possibly resulting in persistent programming
“The Woes of Wit”

Share the Shame
Herald of Woe

This is a Clusty search cut-up poem.  It’s an experiment.. 

My source – search in clusty.com for “woe” which returns 10 results on the first page (I don’t google anymore).  Go to each result and take a random sentence or part sentence for each line of the poem.  Lines are in order of their search results (so extract from page from result 1 = line 1).

I’m not sure it works which might be because I tried too hard in selection, to make it fit and flow together.

Anyway … it has potential as a method.


  1. This new method of yours has produced a fine, if unsettling, poem. I guess the word you choose to begin your search can significantly shape the finished mood. Did you choose the title randomly?

    I’ve had a go at this, following your formula with one exception: After ten lines the poem wasn’t resolved to my satisfaction so I allowed myself another five.


    Joy completes
    the picture that follows
    anyone with a dream

    We were going to become robots
    Most of us would agree with that

    Can God bring our dog back?
    you were given crying
    the joy

    See the place where they laid him
    the materials … or other transfer

    That was then
    ‘We are grateful …’
    great happiness

    Tears of true joy for his return

  2. Ooooh C.A. – this is a brilliant poem! I love it. I like the idea that the ‘rules’ are shaped to the piece, to the art. I don’t like too many rules, just guidelines 😉

    I chose the word for the search/title conciously – but it came randomly. If that makes sense. Just like all my cut-up poems have been so far. Random source material with my mind interfering in selection.

    Your poem has inspired me to keep trying with this. How wonderful – thank you 🙂

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