Rattle When I Move (Doodle)

Rattle When I Move

[IMAGE] A6 ink and watercolour

My full range of day to day tablets.  How come I’m still not healthy 😉

No wonder my bag weighs a tonne with all that goodness in it …

To be fair I don’t take all of these every day … regularly Sumatriptan (Imigran), occassionally  Ibuprofen and the hay fever (Priteze) is new this week as I’m just starting with watery eyes and sniffy nose.  Plus I haven’t actually taken a Stugeron (Cinnarizine) yet – my naseau hasn’t been too bad since I got them (they’re so effective I didn’t need to take them out of the packet for them to work – ha ha!)

But they all still form part of my armoury.  I’d like to add some over the counter sleeping pills to this lot for troubled nights – but how many antihistamines can one woman take?

At the moment I take 15 tablets on an average day.  That’s not bad – however none of them are actually a treatment for ME/CFS as such. 

If you’re interested …

I take a good immune focused multi-vitamin plus vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Omega 3, 6, 9 and Magnesium, every day (and I’m starting extra zinc soon) to give my body a helping hand.  There’s too many figures for my vitamin and mineral intake for me to tell you all the details here!  I take peppermint oil 200mg-400mg and mebeverine 135mg before main meals to help with IBS symptoms.  I use paracetamol and codeine (16mg) frequently for pain.  And recently I started using Sumatriptan 50mg for migraine headaches (and it’s been brilliant).

Nearly time for my next tablet 😉

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