Old House (Painting)

My latest acrylic glazing technique practice from a source photograph on WetCanvas

old house painting

[IMAGE] Acrylic on canvas board 10×12 inches

Click on the image for a larger version in my Flickr album

There’s a lot more variation in the colours on the roof and ground which haven’t come through in the photo unfortunately.  But hopefully this gives you a good idea.

There’s some problems with it and this is an exercise in technique so not much of my own style coming through yet.  But I learnt a lot, I’m pleased and I’m happy to move on.

Here’s a summary of how it developed …

Looking back at work in progress:

The source photo (this version with the contrast and set high):

Source Photo

[IMAGE thumbnail]

Initial sketch onto the board (after some sketching on paper and studying light/dark) – looking quite iffy at this initial stage.  When I looked at the photos on my pc alongside the source photo I found I have squashed the picture to fit the proportions of the canvas board …

 Old House - Sketch on Board

[IMAGE thumbnail]

In with the first underpainting (just burnt sienna and my new acrylic retarder fluid) …

Old House Underpainting 

[IMAGE thumbnail]

Spent quite a bit of time getting more definition in that underpainting – eg. lost the guttering shadow as it wasn’t working for me window frames were really frightening to do …

Old House Underpainting 2

[IMAGE thumbnail]

After a couple of early glazes …

First Glaze

[IMAGE thumbnail]

Some glazing later I’m starting to see where some tweaks are needed (lighten the sky, shorten the chimney, straighten out the gate, highlight on the roof edge, etc) – should have spent longer on that drawing after all …

Old House Later Glaze

[IMAGE thumbnail]

 The final piece – not perfect it will do and it’s time to move on …

old house painting

[IMAGE thumbnail]


  1. This is such a beautiful paitning! You are very very skilled with acrylics! I love the colors, perspective, and shadowing… it’s all really wonderful looking! I especially love that you show how it came to look the way it does! Wonderful job! ^_^

  2. I know you don’t usually focus on urban realism, but I appreciate seeing how talented you are in your work, and your acrylics. I have a great wish to see a painting of a normal town from the top of a street which curves down a bit, the row houses. I don’t know why, the sun half breaking through, do I miss it that much? This reminds me of it, the sight of a house, with what on my street had a “no parking” in welsh written on the two doors “Dos park” and was I think a part time illegal repair garage, another behind our house in a street with no name as people had forgotten it existed except to piss in on the way home from the pub, but a small parking lot and one of these which was a gym for boxing – how they got new students was a bit of mystery as it had no sign. What do you know about this one? I take it this one is already sold since I looked at the date and Linda says it is not 2007 – darn.

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