Chiari (Cut-Up Poem)

Chiari (Clusty Search Cut-Up Poem)

Chiari Malformation

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an anomaly of the brain

the clinical picture
is a benign structural problem
a disposizioni informazioni
a commune in the province
as well as actual photos from the authors surgery

named in honor of
explorador no los admite
Arnold-Chiari Malformation
and its staff

malformation is considered
malformation is now
malformation in
read our disclaimer

Did you know
the latest news
alto gradimento
the world’s first comprehensive
basic information
and associated anomalies

Chiari Type Malformation
president of dignity
to a friend

A longer than usual (26 lines!) Clusty search cut-up poem on Chiari – after reading Puglet’s Blog


  1. You won’t be thanking me if you decide to participate and have to THINK about 5 bloggers who make you THINK. That much thinking could cause some kind of rift in the space/time continuum, the world would go upside down and implode, and I bet we’d still be tired and might not notice.

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