Songs Attired As If Apes (Cut-Up Poem)

Songs Attired As If Apes (Clusty Search Cut-Up Poem)

As the pimp-attired manager
values resound with the sweet songs
someday i’ll tell you
These are the meanings behind the song

all the while beating, strumming
Visions of Crystal
poignantly passing away
Love’s Old Sweet Song

responds with words, songs, purrs,
to the twilight call of morning

Inspired by Amy Wilson’s post about her latest and favourite bizarre search term that sent a very lucky person to her blog – that search term being “music dressed like monkey”. 

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2 comments on “Songs Attired As If Apes (Cut-Up Poem)
  1. Puglet says:

    That was a great link. It’s always interesting to find the search terms. Alas, mine usually have to do with bizarre pug behavior and maladies, the word ” asstray “, chiari, and the word ” fulk” which I think is dirty in malaysia.

  2. amywilson says:

    woooo! this is great!

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