Wanted (Doodle)



I had this dream that I was a member of some (Eastern European?) gang wronged by a dirty cop – so I adopted a disguise and moved cities to set him up.  I lived a double life for some time and I didn’t see it happen but I think in the end I might have shot him (gulp).  Certainly the CCTV footage made it seem like the cop was out of line.  I think I watch too much CSI.

My dreams tend to wander off on tangents (just like real life!) and I change characters a lot, sometimes an observer even – but I know that at no point did I look like this doodle!   Ha ha ha.

I was quite foxy in my disguise I seem to recall.

But the doodle made me smile anyway – how butch do I look with that bob?  And goodness knows what I am wearing! 

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One comment on “Wanted (Doodle)
  1. elemishra says:

    this made me giggle 😀

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