MSG Trippin (Doodle)

MSG Tripping 


Had a chinese take-away last night … yummy!  Didn’t eat tonnes … but could not get to sleep last night. 

Restless, feverish, creeping flesh, burning sensations in my muscles, twitchy with muscles spasms, thirsty, spaced out and big time insomnia. 

Got out of bed at 1am and surfed on mono-sodium glutamate as I remember hearing it’s bad for CFS/ME.  Oh my!  It surely is.  Now I understand why I felt like I was on drugs and tripping out with a big dose of MSG on top of already being at a low ebb.

Some researchers reckon it’s an “excitotoxin” which gets absorbed and send crazy signals to the body causing all sorts of devasting health problems.  Seems plausible – and quite frightening.

It makes for a cheap high – but the price is costly. 

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