txt spk poem (Cut Up Poem)

txt spk poem (a clusty search cut up poem)

If you want your poem to appear
quite confusing as i am doing
for such discussions
a poet and know it?

tlkn n txt spk is rli ezy
iz fst & EZ so y not uz it

poem, if that is what you are working with
To help express maximum meaning in such a short space
NoNe oF THiS WriTIng. No txt spk.
Woe un2mnkind


f U wnt yor poem 2 apEr
quite confusing az i M doin
4 such discussions
a poet & knO it?

talking in text speak is really easy
it’s fast and easy so why not use it

poem, f dat iz wot U R wrkN w
2 hlp express maximum mEng n such a sht spAc
NoNe oF DiS writiN. n txt spk.
Woe unto mankind

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