Instant Grab (Doodle & Cut Up Poem)

Instant Grab (Clusty Search Cut-Up Poem)

If caught, the victim is made to view a tree …
An instant grab
repositionable for
Air and Heat.

Low odor,
supports multi-line extraction
exploded, just as
Reports Verification

Permanent or Repositionable
Seeking First to Reinvent
In an instant, Americans across the country
Play free games

Easy to turn on and off.
also known as “indirect … Instant gentrification?
Return to Product
or jump into instant

messaging news items and links
every time you grab
Life can change in instant
For An Absolute BARGAIN …

Instant Grab

[IMAGE] A6 sepia ink 

This is instant grab in a tube.  How much fun I could have sticking things to the ceiling if I only I could get out of bed.

Sorry dad.  I’d still like a nail gun – please don’t disown me for owning No More Nails.

Sorry eco-warriors.  I hang my head in shame.  But I need that curtain rail back at the window and it’s stick and go kind of job.

Karma will probably do me right when I end up sticking myself to the window.

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