Broken Promises G8 2007 (Cut Up Poem)

Broken Promises G8 2007 (Clusty Search Cut Up Poem)

The G8 Summit in July 2005 looked to be historic because of promised debt relief
The triumphalism of Gleneagles has given way to shattered dreams and broken promises.

G8 Heiligendamm 07: just another counter-summit?
Germany has placed Africa on the agenda for its 2007 G8 Presidency

Broken Promises
Broken promises feeds AIDS epidemic …
Broken promises
the failure of the G8 summit
leave three million children to die in Africa
G8 debt promises
Your View:

the G8 – the people who really could address …
40 million children are living with the consequences of broken promises
The G8 nations promised
Make Poverty History – What We Want

broken promises cost lives.

You are the future of this world and can change it for the better.

World leaders must deliver
No more broken promises – seize the moment
Delivering on the G8 promises
urging Tony Blair to keep his promises made at the 2005 G8
Human Rights for All

put pressure on G8 leaders
Will 2007 be yet another year of broken promises to Africa or the year they finally put their words into action?


The 2007 G8 Summit starts on June 2nd.  Don’t let them get away with breaking the promises they made in 2005.

UK citizens can email Tony Blair and Angela Mekel via Oxfam It only takes a minute to tell them that the world can’t wait for an end to poverty.

There is a rally in London on June 2nd. “Wear white, bring your alarm clock or mobile phone alarm, and raise your voice against poverty in the heart of London.”


  1. i really agree with your point of view, i live in france, where we have choosen our new president, i am really choked by this election of a pro-Bush president in France. The G8 nations like France are just looking for more profits, and they don’t care about the consequences of their decisions in the sub-developped countries!
    Our only chance to be heard by our governments is provoking a general strike, in aim at forcing them to pay attention at our voices.
    That’s my opinion…
    I also wanted to talk about something else, some friends of mine have created a society, based on our convictions, a society which creates some t-shirts, which are denouncing lots of problems in our society, from the reality shows on tv to war in Irak. So if you want to visit their website, its also a a free expression space, you could see with more details, and give your opinion on it!
    please visit

  2. I wonder if there is a similar rally in France about the G8 and asking them to keep the promises they made in 2005 – the year of Make Poverty History here in the UK?

    Thanks for the link. Great t-shirts 🙂

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