Fiver (Doodle)


[IMAGE] A6 indian ink and watercolour

I have this five pound note in my purse.  Someone has written “Harold Steptoe 2” on the front.  Doesn’t that stop it being legal tender …?  Well I digress.

It got me thinking that maybe at some point – or several points in it’s life this £5 note was important for some reason.  A joke, a gift, a wage, a treat, a bill payment.

So I doodled it – along with it’s serial number “JC86 538045”.  I’ll spend it soon.  So if you find a fiver in your pocket with a scrawl on the front and the serial no JC86538045 let me know where it’s been and where it’s going?


  1. I like the caption 🙂 (as well as the drawing). The way things are going, I’m sure “forgeries” of this quality will soon be legal tender anyway 😉

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