Holiday Highlights Doodles

I’m back to blogging after an extended break in France.  It was a brilliant holiday – I am so lucky!

Many mini adventures, lots of lovely food and literally hundreds upon hundreds of photographs!  Too much to tell so here’s some doodle highlights to be going on with …


Parle Anglais?: Turned out my CFS brain struggled to drag any French from the depths of my brain.  Lots of open mouthed staring, stammering and mumbling!


Sandy Wheels: Well I managed to get on the beach but we soon discovered why you don’t see many wheelchairs on the beach! I’m getting a sinking feeling …


Self in France: I felt glamorous even if I didn’t always look it 😉


Avec Stylo: A happy couple of days in the doodling groove


Pois: lovely fresh peas popped from the pod with Paul’s famous honey and garlic pork


Language Barrier: Hmm … went to the pharmacy to look for Peppermint Oil and came out (after a panic buy in French) with Green Tea tablets.  They even had an English translation on the label … oh dear.

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