To Do List (Doodle)

So many things I want to do, I must do, so much time and so little energy. How do I make it all add up?

[IMAGE] Two pages of A6, ink and watercolour

Click image, then All Sizes for a larger image.

Really I ran out of space to do the full list running around my head and this is just a taster! Eeek.

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4 comments on “To Do List (Doodle)
  1. Puglet says:

    You forgot to add ” Go to Brighton with Puglet and get future told”

  2. Honestly there’s hundreds of things I missed. But yes this should have been up the list – sorry Puglet. Although I am a bit nervous about that idea as it seemed quite accurate for you and I am therefore scared!
    Also need to add – “take Puglet to France for a long holiday” and “ply Puglet with pastry goods”
    So many things, so much time, so little of anything else!

  3. Shaymus says:

    haha…I recognise that phone…it looks like mine

  4. You continue to impress me one art work after the other… I expecialy love this image… it’s a visial I think of a list much similar to the one running around in many people’s heads everyday… I especially found myself relating to the lines “Don’t go crazy, stay calm” and “Don’t feel”… I feel like I have to constatly remind myself to relax, I like that people can relate to alot of what you’re expressing in your work… beautiful work! ^_^

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