6 Weird Things About Me (Doodle)

Rachel (Australia) tagged me in a meme – 6 Weird Things About Me.

Each player has to list 6 weird things about themselves.
The rules also have to be stated clearly. When you’re done with your 6 weird facts, tag 6 more people and list their names. Don’t forget to comment the person who tagged you to let them know you’re finished so they can stop by your blog!

So I thought I’d do it my own way and doodle my 6 things.


[IMAGE] Double page A6 – ink and watercolour

Click on the image and then All Sizes for a larger image

Needless to say Paul and I promptly thought of a long list of things that are much weirder about me – but hey!  It’s a start 🙂

I may even share the weirder stuff with you 😉

So I tag (with no obligation to join in):

Puglet, Ele, Seb, Mostyn, Dinsmore, Christ Almond

Just for Rachel here’s the moment of the big reveal of wearing trainers on my wedding day (it was absolutely the best decision!)

wedding trainers

wedding trainers

No photographs of me being repulsed by Blu Tac though.  [Shudder]


  1. As always, you did a great job!!!
    Is there any chance I could see wedding photo of you and Paul with Adidas Superstars?
    From what I see from here, Paul is a wonderful man (inside and out). It is nice to know that there is a possibility to find a good man on internet.
    Despite you dislike Blu Tac, you drew it in such a cute way. I don’t like Blu Tac, either, but I like the way you drew it. And this is the first time I see Blu Tac in art form. lol

    PS. Can I make a request? I’d love to see your doodle of Mr Cat on Paul’s head at 6 o’clock in the morning.;-)

  2. you’ve read my blog, yes? Is there anything I HAVEN’T discussed? I did try and think some up, though. Less weird and more probably not known 😉
    I shoulda added that I chased my dad around the house with a picture of my scarred up uterus just because I knew it would creep him out once. And after he regained his composure, i pulled out the colonoscopy shots.

  3. Just for Rachel I’ve added the moment of the big reveal of wearing trainers on my wedding day (it was absolutely the best decision!)

    Puglet – I knew you may struggle with weird things … I thought it would be refining the list down to 6 to be honest 🙂

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