Clogged Up

My creative pores are all clogged up at the moment 😦

It might be my new medication which is starting to settle down, or maybe it’s just one of those phases.  I’m still trying to doodle amongst other things.  And I still have a warm arty light glowing inside me. The desire is definately still there -I’m just not managing to produce.

My sketchbook is full of pages of rubbish scribbles.  Drawings that started but never seemed to know where they were going, too ambitious, too vague, too bad.


Hoping normal service is resumed soon.  Tips on kickstarting gratefully received, tips on coping with dry spells too.  Words of wisdom, comfort, or I-Dunno’s also welcome.

1 Comment

  1. Hugs.
    I’m the same at the moment. I am hoping that this will pass, too. I am also hoping that my friends know I’m thinking of them and wishng them well. Hang in there.

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