Spinal Bubble of Doom (Doodle)

An experiment (will I get googled?), a blogging tintyweb human connection (the real deal), a good excuse for a doodle. 

Spinal Bubble of Doom

[IMAGE] A6 ink and watercolour

This doodle is a dramatisation.  A work of fiction in fact. 

I thought a bubble of doom would probably be quite beautiful in it’s deadly doom.  And I remembered from Back School that our discs are a bit like soggy coffee grinds.  Or was it pate?  Erm.

I never promised to make sense.  Not to everyone at the same time at least.

Posted in Art, Doodle, Drawing, Experiment, Sketchbook
One comment on “Spinal Bubble of Doom (Doodle)
  1. Puglet says:


    Oh..that is the most beautiful thing ever!!!

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