Self Portrait Project – Day 72 (Photography)

Day 72 of my self portrait photography project.  So far so good and I haven’t missed a day.


I’m a little staggered that I’ve made it past the 10 week mark!  I think I learn more some days than others.  Some days it’s just a functional thing, but some days (energy permitting) I do try to embrace it as an artistic challenge. 

It’s partly about the artistic challenge – the same subject in many ways.  It helps to explore new ideas.  It helps to always have my camera near by – I’m taking a lot more pictures of other things too.  I’m learning a bit about myself.  I’m getting more comfortable with how I look.  I’m able to record how I feel some days and able to see how ill I looked in others!  It is absolutely not about vanity.  I’m too tired, pale, pink and scruffy for that 🙂

Here is all 72 days:

20070504_ post_bath_malaise20070505_ four_hours_sleep20070506_going_out20070507_shugborough_raining20070508_camera_toss20070509_morning_light2007051020070511_kinetic_fozzy20070512_lunch_out20070513_happy_tired20070514_self_and_chair20070515_self20070516_waiting_in_the_car20070517_camouflage20070518_headache_frown20070519_selfnewcar20070520_friendship_happy_vibe20070521_self20070522_waiting_for_tony_blair20070523_self20070524_travel_to_plymouth20070525_007_ferry an_and_overnight_roscoff20070526_france20070527_france20070528_france_mousterlin20070529_france_nds20070530_france_mousterlin20070531_france20070601_france20070602_france20070603_france20070604_pointe_du_raz20070605_france20070606_france20070607_france20070608_france_with_wheelchair20070609_france_with_hayfever20070610_plymouth20070611_bristol20070612_self20070613_self20070614_bedtime_frown20070615_wave20070616_self20070617_self20070618_self20070619_self20070620_self20070621_self20070622_self20070623_self20070624_self20070625 self20070626 self20070627_self fluffy hair20070628_self after funeral20070629_self20070630_self20070701_self bedroom20070702_self studio20070703_self bath20070704_self stairs20070705_self bed20070706_self fruit bowl20070707_self20070708_self20070709_self200707010_self200707011_self200707012_self200707013_self200707014_self

Hoping to make it another 293 at least …

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3 comments on “Self Portrait Project – Day 72 (Photography)
  1. Puglet says:

    This is amazing, you know

  2. Well, thanks but erm … all you need is a camera and some time. There’s a whole load of folks who do it – if you’re inspired 🙂 Check out 365 Days group on Flickr

  3. el says:

    “I’m learning a bit about myself. I’m getting more comfortable with how I look.”–my sentiment about doing self-portrait exactly. However, I only do self-portrait when I feel and look good! So I guess there’s a scant of vanity involved in my attempt to study the image of me:)

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