CSI Miami Sigh (Doodle)

Last night we had the start of the new series of CSI Miami to soothe my aching heart at the end of the current series of CSI last week.

Sigh.  CSI Miami just isn’t quite right in the head.  It’s always trying too hard.  To the point that it’s laughable – which is such a waste. 


[IMAGE] A6 ink and watercolour

Yes.  I did do a drawing of my disappointment that CSI Miami is a bit rubbish. 

Yes. I do need to get out more.


  1. H’s monotone delivery of one liners, his stupid glasses move and the sexual tension between co-workers just gets on my nerves. I can’t stand the young White guy that’s always with the young Hispanic guy. I don’t know why but I can’t stand that guy. His jacked up eyes and voice get on my nerves something awful. What is wrong with his forehead or are his eyebrows so bad that his forehead looks jacked up too? The only people on there that I can stomach are the middle aged White lady and the young Hispanic lady. Other than that I’m annoyed by the whole show. H to the rescue gets old. H standing in the street shooting at moving vehicles gets old. H never ever getting happiness gets old. Why did they kill off his new bride? They can’t let that man be happy, they just can’t. Gunned down by drug dealers… I was so pissed.

    So there’s my take on the whole CSI:Miami disappointment. I prefer the original CSI and I can take or leave CSI:NY.


  2. I love CSI:LV and CSI:NY. I missed many episodes, and I’m hoping to find the way to watch missed episodes on line without paying. I watch CSI:Miami when there are nothing else. I can still enjoy fascinating investigation techniques. I used to be annoyed by H and rolled my eyes, but I just burst into laugh at him these days. He is just hilarious and nobody seems to think he is daggy. (Would people in Miami really talk to people like H does?)

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