My First Polar Bear (Doodle)

My First Polar Bear

[IMAGE] A6 ink (pen brush) and watercolour

Here he is – my first polar bear.  I’m really rather pleased with him.  Mr Creative reackons he looks like a “Billy”.

Oh – and the polar bear is the one on the right … just in case you weren’t sure 😉

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8 comments on “My First Polar Bear (Doodle)
  1. Paul Groves says:

    ….oh, I forgot to add that the penguin looks like an Archie to me.

    Both are cool and not coz they live in icy conditions.


  2. elemishra says:

    I like his little pink ears 😀

  3. Mikki says:

    But, and I am speaking as a pedant here, at least one of them must be lost. Unless they both live at the zoo.

  4. Pssst … Mikki … They’re not really real …

  5. californiablogging says:

    This is soo very cute! Oh wow I just love the expression. You say so much with such simple lines. It’s great.

  6. Awww! only two words to describe this one “ABSOLUTELY Cute!!!!” I love it! ^_^

  7. Tim (timtfj) says:

    Not quite sure why, or how a bear would do it, but to me he looks as though he’s wondering whether to start picking his nose! While being thoughtful about life in general. Very expressive 🙂

  8. Seb says:

    I love this!!! Your pictures make me smile.

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