Acceptance and Re-Classification

Up until now I’ve labelled a lot of my day to day drawings as “doodles”.  I wanted a way to mark them as different to what I thought of as a drawing – which always seemed to me to be something drawn from life with skill and attention.  That is not what the majority of my drawings are these days (my ME/CFS makes it difficult for me to draw from observation – something to do with processing the information).

But I realise that “doodles” are considered by most people to be something you do with a certain absence of mind, where the pen or the subconcious lead.  So, that’s not what these drawings are either.

I very much enjoy the drawings of many other artists which are also not observational drawings in a traditional sense.  They call theirs “drawings”.  (I know it’s a revelation!).

So after all these months I’m going to call my drawings – drawings.  No more wrestling with what labels mean.  for now. Maybe.


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