Self (Drawing)

I’ve had this chest infection and felt so grotty for a week or more now (moan moan) but my skin has also been horrible.  My self portrait project has come very close to stalling several times because I can’t bear to take a photo of myself.  I’m not happy about how I look at all at the moment.

But it seems I’m not even happy about drawing myself!  I did a self portrait yesterday which turned out not to show my face either!

Hoping for healthier days soon.


[IMAGE] A6 ink and watercolour


  1. my self drawings never show my face. I suppose I am too ashamed to show it. I take negative self image to new levels. It is the same with my photography; my face is always hidden or obscured in some way.

  2. Hi Alice. Is there somewhere online I can look at your work?

    What’s crazy about it is that with a drawing especially I (we) can present an image we want to show! But it’s not working like that for me.

  3. Thanks so much for the link! Some great pictures – you have such amazing eyes! I’ve subscribed to your gallery RSS just in case you feel like posting new stuff 😉

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