Day 100 of Self Portrait Photography Project

Today marks the 100th day of my self portrait photography project.


This is where I take a self portrait every day and see what I learn.  Mostly the approach is as an artist and the challenge is in the spirit of the Flickr 365Days project – tackling the same subject over and over as an artist.

Some days it’s about recording CFS.  Some days it’s just about taking a stupid photo because I’m ill and I’m tired.  But mostly it’s exercising my creative brain.

100 days has snuck up on me!  Suddenly a year doesn’t seem so huge a goal.  I’ve taken a picture every day except one – so that’s a 99% success rate.  All being well that rate will increase from tomorrow onwards.

Had I realised it was a special day I might have tried something special with todays picture.  But I don’t suppose day 100 is much more special than day 101, or even day 34.

See thumbnails for all 100 photos …

20070504_ post_bath_malaise20070505_ four_hours_sleep20070506_going_out20070507_shugborough_raining20070508_camera_toss20070509_morning_light2007051020070511_kinetic_fozzy20070512_lunch_out20070513_happy_tired20070514_self_and_chair20070515_self20070516_waiting_in_the_car20070517_camouflage20070518_headache_frown20070519_selfnewcar20070520_friendship_happy_vibe20070521_self20070522_waiting_for_tony_blair20070523_self20070524_travel_to_plymouth20070525_007_ferry an_and_overnight_roscoff20070526_france20070527_france20070528_france_mousterlin20070529_france_nds20070530_france_mousterlin20070531_france20070601_france20070602_france20070603_france20070604_pointe_du_raz20070605_france20070606_france20070607_france20070608_france_with_wheelchair20070609_france_with_hayfever20070610_plymouth20070611_bristol20070612_self20070613_self20070614_bedtime_frown20070615_wave20070616_self20070617_self20070618_self20070619_self20070620_self20070621_self20070622_self20070623_self20070624_self20070625 self20070626 self20070627_self fluffy hair20070628_self after funeral20070629_self20070630_self20070701_self bedroom20070702_self studio20070703_self bath20070704_self stairs20070705_self bed20070706_self fruit bowl20070707_self20070708_self20070709_self20070710_self20070711_self20070712_self20070713_self20070714_self20070715_self20070716_self20070717_self20070718_self20070719_self20070720_wet_friday_colour20070721_self200707022_self glass of juice200707023_self shower curtain200707024_self through phone camera200707025_self television200707026_self mirror with flash200707027_self clock200707028_self teapot200707029_self spoon reflection20070730_self20070731_self20070801_self20070802_self20070803_self20070804_self20070805_self20070806_self20070807_self20070808_self20070809_self20070810_self20070811_self

You can click on any photo to see the picture in full.  All the photos are kept in one of my albums on Flickr which is updated usually at least once a week.

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2 comments on “Day 100 of Self Portrait Photography Project
  1. Congratulations! What an amazing set you’ve assembled thus far–I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

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