Drawing of Klimt’s Danae

A Rachel rendering of Klimt’s “Danae” – a print of which hangs on my wall.

A little artistic nudity warning for our more sensitive viewers …

(It’s most certainly not a self portrait – though Mr Creative says the face looks a lot like me. I would not be so bold!)


[IMAGE] A6 ink and watercolour

Some of the more subtle watercolour is lost in my scan – her skin is a little more tonal in the flesh (so to speak).

Here’s a print of the original – there’s lots of dark poorly coloured photos of it on the internet and this was the best I could find.  Ignore the sales patter!

This is a (montage) photo of the drawing with the print we have on our wall.  You can see how difficult it is to capture colours acurately!


See?  It’s an artistic boob.

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2 comments on “Drawing of Klimt’s Danae
  1. elemishra says:

    I like this! it’s a great interpretation 🙂

  2. puglet says:

    that’s beautiful! Naked and happy. I want one!

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