1. What you do here is some of the very bravest, funniest, cutest and most honest work I have ever come across in this wide world web, and I browse for Britain. In a world of fakes, you are unmistakably real and that is worthwhile as it is possible to be. Your fan, CA

  2. Christ Almond has stolen my thunder…and I couldn’t be happier.

    I know I’m very, very biased, but I’m in awe of your abilities and talent.
    I don’t leave too many comments (because I am biased!), but I do lurk and look every day – not just at the new stuff but at all of it because it is inspiring.

    Your biggest fan (sorry CA)


  3. I would like this as a ironic self starter above my work desk except – I pretty much feel that way too often so it would probably depress me even more.

    What I’m saying is you have captured that feeling so well, I’m not sure I can be around it for very long. But as for your art – definately worthwhile.

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