Chronically Happy

I just posted this on my Flickr as part of my self portrait project and thought I’d share it here too.  Especially as my drawing flow has faltered a little recently. 

I have to add sometimes happiness is not as near the surface as I would like, but I guess that’s part of life and the challenge of CFS/ME.


24 August 2007.  Chronically happy. 
Despite feeling desperately tired, exhausted and ill from CFS/ME. Depsite a lingering viral infection.  Despite tears of frustration and confusion earlier in the day.  Despite having been stuck in bed and only getting washed and dressed late afternoon (just a short while before I took this picture).  Depsite not being able to draw or do much art in the last few weeks.  Despite not being able to work, go out, do anything physical for longer than a few minutes.  Despite a bad IBS attack yesterday.  Despite sleep distruption.  Despite having a long list of things I want and need to do that I just can’t do. 
Somehow, somewhere, deep in my core – I’m still happy.

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4 comments on “Chronically Happy
  1. Andie says:

    Hi Rachel, so sorry you are going through the mill at the moment. Hope the bad times don’t stay too long! Take care – Andie

  2. I’m glad you feel happy in your core. It’s a gift you can always return to. Hope your health gets better.

    I saw your site while cruising through WordPress. Cheers!

  3. Not only are you happy in your core but you’re also probably the hottest sick girl I’ve ever seen 😉 hehe! Sorry to hear you’ve been feelin’ so sick… I hope you get better soon! I’m sending you lots of feel better vibes as we speak… oh and I’m way proud of you for posting DESPITE feeling sick! That’s very inspirational to not only me but I bet to others too, so keep it up and take care!

    The other one,
    Rachael ^_^

  4. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes happiness comes through despite the circumstances? Those are the days I find it surprisingly complicated to answer the question “How are you?”

    I hope the physical side of things is getting better.

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