Shortlisted Photo for Schmap Online Guide

This is rather interesting.  One of my photographs (hosted on Flickr) has been shortlisted to feature in an online guide to Plymouth.  The Schmap Plymouth Guide will be published in October and it’s free to readers.  There’s no fee but I will get a credit and a link back to my Flickr photo.  Hmmm. 

Well I’ve said yes to the submission and they’ll let me know if I am to be published.


It’s not my favourite photo ever – having been snapped in a split second pause whilst being wheeled around Saltram‘s gardens by Paul.  And I would have taken more effort with the composition but was limited views from footpaths due to my wheels that day.  But hey!  It’s not bad and it’s great to be included.  Plus Saltram gardens were really lovely with a fairly wheelchair accessible route around them and it’s good to be associated with something decent.

I did start taking photographs for an online guide who paid for submissions before I got ill.  Pity Schmap don’t bung you a fiver or something considering you agree to give them licence to use it for as long as they want however they want, as long as they credit you.

Will let you know if I get published 😉

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5 comments on “Shortlisted Photo for Schmap Online Guide
  1. rachael,

    you should put your drawings in a book – they’re fantastic!


  2. Congratulations! I like the Schmap guides approach, which makes it even nicer to be considered for inclusion.

  3. Wendy says:

    I recently received an email asking the same – to have one of my photos shortlisted for a New York magazine. It was by the same company and I am wondering what your experience was like and if I should do it… never heard of anything like this until now…and suggestions would be helpful in my decision.

  4. Hi Wendy. I haven’t had any problems or gripes to report on this. They shortlisted me and sure enough my photo is now on their online guide. As promised I am credited – they ask you what name you want to show – and it’s directly under the photograph.

    It also links to the photo on Flickr so people can find me if they want.

    It hasn’t particulary increased views on the photo.

    I guess it comes down to personal preference if you want to go ahead or not. But so far I’ve no reason to complain from my treatment.

    Don’t know if that helps!

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