1. Nina. It means the size is A6. And it’s in ink. It’s not code I promise 😉

    I’ve just started using Noodlers Bulletproof ink in a fountain pen. It’s supposed to be waterproof so I can put watercolour over the ink. But it’s running a little on me.

    I also use PITT pens by Faber Castell. They are fibre tipped disposable pens which are indian ink and waterproof.

    I draw in an A6 sketchbook as it’s small enough to carry around with me and to hold even when I’m tired.

  2. This is so true!
    Fantastic drawing 🙂
    I wish I could be near of ink without a carbon activated mask. It’s made reading a new book or paper a challenge…

  3. I’ve recently started using Noodler’s Black in a fountain pen and find that it seems to need at least 24 hours before it’s dry enough to lay down a wash. It seems to be an extremely (dye) saturated ink, so I’ve been diluting it to see if that helps. So far it doesn’t seem to be doing much for the drying time, but it’s not feathering anymore on Ampad Gold Fibre anymore, which it had been before. I’m not done experimenting with this ink. 🙂

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