1. Just promise me you won’t use the entire roll of film putting my head on various animals bodies, or my body underneath various animal heads. One or two is fine 😉

  2. Yes Nina it’s a new addition.

    As you may have guessed from Pauls comment it can do all sorts of tricks.

    I promise Paul – just one or two. Hoping to use it a bit more artistically than just putting human heads on animal bodies 😉

    There’s more info about Split-Cam here http://shop.lomography.com/splitcam/
    Click on the Gallery link for some examples of what is possible.

  3. Hi! I am starting a projoect with my splitcam on my german blog “Chitime” and I wanted to ask you whether you allow me to use your wonderful picture for it?? 🙂 I would be really happy with it.

  4. Okay, I’m afraid you are not on the computer at the moment… So I will just be free to take your picture and when you don’t want it- please simply tell me. Okay? 🙂

  5. Hi Chikatze.

    I’m starting to use Creative Commons licences on my work but haven’t gone back to older stuff to licence it yet. If there’s no licence that generally means don’t use it unless you’ve asked and had permission agreed by me.

    I’d have preferred it:

    1. if you’d waited just 1 day so I could say yes or no before you went ahead
    2. not to add anything to the drawing

    But I guess at least you asked and you have linked back to me so I shouldn’t be too grumpy 🙂

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