North Northfolk Picture Highlights (Photography)

A quiet, restful week was on the North Norfolk coast was had.  Some cold November days but a stunning part of the world even on the greyest of days.

I took digital, Holga and Split Cam pictures.  Here’s the instant gratification digital highlights of a week away.

My marvelling joy as we drove through Northamptonshire into Norfolk as twilight came and the lack of street lights and light pollution.


A wheelie-walk by Wells-Next-The-Sea beautifully timed to end just as the sun set.


Holkham Bay having a wooden boardwalk to a wheelchair and pedestrian viewing platform with a view to make me suck my breath in.



Dusk and whilst the bird watchers marvelled at the hundreds of geese landing on the fields behind Holkham Bay to graze … I was pre-occupied by the huge sunset sky and the cold beginning to numb my body as Mr Creative propelled my wheelchair back to the car.



Mile after mile of land still used for agriculture.  Even sparse fields feeling rich in texture and earthy colours.


Sunset never being very far away from view – a total contrast to finding the sky at home.


The pink light and hazy sky of mid morning as we left North Norfolk … I suspect a sign of snow of the way.


The delight I still get from clicking the whizzing scenery from my car window – come rain or shine.


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5 comments on “North Northfolk Picture Highlights (Photography)
  1. elemishra says:

    WOW!!! amazing stuff 🙂

  2. Christ Almond says:

    Beautiful photos here. The restful mood of your trip is present in them. I especially like the dark blue night with squiggles of coloured light. Your wonderful work has been missed this week.

  3. Mikki says:

    These are brilliant Rachel! No one sees skies quite like you do….
    mikki xxx

  4. 😀 Hoping for more feesh photos from you Mikki

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