Invitation to My (Non) Office Xmas Party

You are cordially invited to my (non) office Christmas party on Monday 10 December 2007.

This will be my virtual works party for all my online friends, regular readers and people I don’t get to see much anymore – even people who’ve just discovered me or tend to lurk (read but not comment).  Join in the party!

The festive fun will run all day – all around the world.  Please check in on the day and join the celebration! 

There will be plenty of virtual party nibbles (all diets, cravings and whims catered for) and you can enjoy a virtual hot toddy, mulled wine or a cuppa (in fact there will be ALL your favourite drinks on offer)!  What’s more you can have as much as you like and you’ll feel fantastic 🙂

To get you in the party mood there will be party games.  Oh yes there will!

I’ll be asking you to leave a comment or email on the day telling me what you’re up at the party (grooving, chilling, flirting with strangers, sneaking off to the photocopier room, etc) and I’ll relay that to the room.

You could even do your own part blog post and invite your friends too.  Link to my party post on the day and I’ll link back to yours.

If you can provide a festive themed picture representing you I’ll share that with the party too.  It could be a photo of you (with festive accessories if you have them), a drawing of you, a picture of what the season means to you or just a festive picture you love.  I will be wearing my girly antlers – it being a special Christmas celebration.

I will be around online throughout the day and because this is a virtual party you can come and go as you please.  Even if you turn up three days late you’ll still be welcome 🙂

So … please come back to the blog on Monday 10 December and look for the party post.  Whether you’re an old friend, a regular here or you just found me for the first time – all welcome!


  1. Wooohoooooo! I just splurged on a fleece holiday pullover for myself and was just WAITING for a reason to justify my impulse buy! Your party is the perfect excuse!

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