1. 😀 Yeah!

    Perhaps I CAN draw a world of curvey shouldered people after all …

    BTW: I can’t paint black so you’re going to be wearing blue and grey in my version of your Indian adventure 😉

  2. Uber Shrink got a gander at this drawing and loved it. He said it captured me perfectly..round, short pants, goofy shoes, and the Hand of fatima tattoo peeking out of my shirt. He keeps wanting to look at the pics again, but that would lead to close to my secret lair 😉

    It’s gonna be to hot in India to wear black, anyway..

  3. Ok, I’m so smitten I showed it to my parents, and my dad sez it’s “Uncanny” and he can’t stop laughing and won’t believe we’ve never met in real life.

    My mother is also in hysterics at the one of me wearing a helmet and riding on the behind of a camel 😉

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