All Wrapped Up (Drawing)

I love wrapping presents – even if it is a bit exhausting since I got ME/CFS.  But once I’m in the swing with the paper, the tape, the ribbons … I love it!

If you sit still long enough in our house you may end up getting wrapped and popped under the tree.


[IMAGE] A6. Ink (PITT) and watercolour.

As a special treat here’s a video of me adding watercolour to this drawing.

It took around 15 minutes to paint. I’ve condensed it down to just over 3 minutes but it all plays at real speed.  There’s also music from Chuck Berry with “Merry Christmas Baby” – very mellow for a bit of easy going painting 😉


  1. It’s always such a treat to find another great artist blog. I love this video you made too – it made me curious about how you filmed yourself so closely without it getting in the way of your painting. I love your cartoons too!

  2. Ha ha! Well, erm, I just held the camera in my left hand and painted with my right hand! Not very sophisticated or clever I’m afraid.

    It was really weird painting with one hand though and a bit tricky near the edge of the page as the paper kept moving and I couldn’t hold it still 😉

  3. well, I missed the party, Rachel — poo! And I’m no good for the survey since it’s all about Christmas and I’m Jewish:-) But I can wish you a wonderful Christmas!

    Also, I can’t see the video — is it my mac? Anyone else have a mac and able to see it?

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