Xmas Party 2007

Welcome to my Christmas Party!  So glad you could stop by 😀

Help yourself to nibbles and one of the elves will be over shortly with your drink.  Don’t worry they know exactly what you fancy.

Join in with the party:

  • Leave a comment and tell me what you are up to (dancing, flirting with strangers, sneaking off to the photocopier room, lingering under the misletoe …)
  • Send me a festive pic to rachelcreative@yahoo.co.uk (or a link to one) that I can post up here so we can see whose at the party (it can be a photo of you, a drawing or just something that represents you)

Why not write your own blog post and invite your friends to join in the party?  Link to this post and I’ll link back to your corner of the party 🙂

For your entertainment:

  • See how many you can guess at pictionary 
  • Take a look and Santa Celebs hiding behind festive disguises – see how many you recognise
  • See my 2007 festive drawings Festive Antlers and All Wrapped Up (including videos of me finishing the drawings complete with festive music!)
  • Enter my xmas competition to win an original drawing (Festive Antlers and All Wrapped Up)
  • Take my Nosey Xmas Survey (just ten questions) and I’ll post up the results later.  It’s totally anonymous – so tell me what you really want this Christmas!

Pop on your favourite tunes and let’s party! 

Whose around? RachelCreative (your host with a stupid xmas hat), Ashy, Mudspice, Mr Creative, Simon, Mikki, Rachel M. (with Poppy and Basil), Father Christmas (yes really!), Fly (forever getting in on the act), Puglet, Nick, Connie, Tammy,

rachelcreative with stupid xmas hat mr creative with amazing xmas disguise Rachel M even father christmas stopped by! Tammy

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26 comments on “Xmas Party 2007
  1. Paul Groves says:

    Ahem, Mrs Creative. I need to see you in the office store room immediately to discuss…ahem…post-it notes. 😉

  2. Paul Groves says:

    PS: I’m sure you have some silly festive type pictures of me somewhere, don’t you?

  3. LOL. Oh REALLY Mr Creative? 😉 Let me find my miseltoe …

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  5. Mikki says:

    I have joined the party from Cologne but you appear to be canoodling in the stationery cupboard with Mr Creative from upstairs. So I’m just going to have one of these virtual mince pies (I don’t like the real ones) and a glass of mulled wine.

    No pictures sadly because I forgot my camera, which is a shame because I wanted to film the accordion quartet who have been busking in Cologne town centre. Really.

  6. I’ve passed Mr Creative a passifying glass of wine.

    Those mince pies are gorgeous aren’t they?

  7. Rachel M says:

    Oh, I’m glad you and Mr Creative (aka Christmas Zoro?) came out from office store room. Is everything OK? *innocent and serious face* :-p

  8. Oh yes there are plenty of post-its and paperclips.

    Can I get anyone a glass of punch?

  9. puglet says:

    I’m guarding the cookies. And by guarding, I mean storing in my belly.

  10. Paul Groves says:

    Cheesey balls, anyone?

  11. I never knew it was possible for one person to eat so many cookies in one sitting.

  12. Mikki says:

    MMM those horse’s doofers are truly divine.
    I wish I hadn’t eaten so many now.

    Also wishing I hadn’t had to get up at 5am.

  13. You’re so committed to partying for as long as possible? That’s why you got up at 5am I’m sure of it.

    I’m off for a boogie and a wiggle on the dancefloor now. Push that furniture back folks – I’m coming to shake my stuff!

  14. Paul Groves says:

    I’ve never danced so much in my life, it must be these Travolta trousers.
    Is it time to go and get a curry yet?

  15. Nick Scott Donald says:

    Apolgizings for being late but I’ve been under the weather.
    Is John Barrowman around? I want him to sign my CD.

    I’ll bet everyone’s passed out, haven’t they?


  16. Connie says:

    What a lovely party. I brought some gifts for all. No one need feel obliged. Tis the season you know!

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  18. Connie says:

    Here’s something fun to play – Elf Yourself at http://www.elfyourself.com/

    And to track Santa on Christmas Eve or have some fun now go to

  19. tammyrenee says:

    Wow! Everything is so shiny and pretty! Oh, thank you Mr. Elf! Mmmmmm! Wait a minute…. who spiked the punch? I’m hypoglycemic! What’s that? I’m not tonight? Well already then, make mine a double! Make way Rach… I’m coming in! Rachel! Get your hands off Paul’s booty! You’re wrinkling the snazzy trousers!

  20. 😀 Aw thanks for coming everyone!

    Nick – there’s no passing out here unless that’s what you want (!?). You can find the celebs in the kitchen and serving food 😉
    I think I saw Barrowman scrubbing pots …

    Connie – Thanks for the gifts! Oh wow! That’s just what I wanted – how did you know? 🙂 I elfed myself last year – it made me giggle for hours. Even funnier when I elfed other people!

    Tammy – Oh here’s trouble 😉 Where did you learn to dance like that? Wow. Amazing!

  21. [Waves at Brainfoggles and Shade of Blue who are spreading the party spirit across the blogosphere]

    We should start a conga line …

  22. Paul Groves says:

    I think I’ve got my second wind…Mrs Creative, to the stationery room!

  23. I think there’s already someone in there … I can hear giggling …

  24. tammyrenee says:

    That elfyourself thing is soooooo cool! Been playing with it all day! Thanks Connie! And thanks Rachel for such a wonderful time! You sure know how to party!

  25. Christine says:

    Hello, I’m here!



    Where is everyone? Don’t tell me everyone’s gone home! Oh, dear. I’m late as usual.

  26. Sorry Christine … didn’t hear you come in over the party music 🙂

    Fah la la la!

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