Nosey Xmas Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who filled in my Nosey Xmas Survey 2007. 

If you’ve not filled it in yet you can do so here Nosey Xmas Survey (just ten questions).

Here’s what the survey showed:

1. Snow at Christmas is a dream (57%) or  joy (43%) but not a pain

2. The favourite greeting for the time of year is Merry Christmas (43%) but we also like:

  • Happy Christmas
  • Happy Holidays
  • Seasons Greetings
  • Happy Winter Solstice

3. Spending on gifts this year is pretty varied – ranging from under £50 ($100, 70EUR) to over £400 ($800, 560EUR)

4. If we could be anywhere for Christmas we would be with our family (86%) or maybe on a tropical island (14%)

5. My favourite Christmas food:

  • Spekulatius
  • Christmas Eve Dinner – Feast of the Seven Fishes (an Italian Tradition
  • Sausage meat stuffing
  • Turkey and all the trimmings
  • Clementines / yorkshire puddings
  • Sprouts – I know everyone goes on about how horrid they are, but I love ’em!!

6. My fondest Christmas memory as a child:

  • Waking my parents up early and all eating cookies for breakfast. 
  • Watching  “A Christmas Story”
  • I don’t really remember it (isn’t that terrible?!)
  • Various  bikes, particularly my Grifter
  • Believing in the magic
  • Singing in the church choir at the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols
  • Staring at my xmas stocking in the semi darkness trying to decipher what the lumps could be inside and waiting for it to be a “reasonable” time to wake mum and dad (i.e. crack of dawn!)

7. My favourite thing about the festive season:

  • The carols
  • It makes a cold, dark, crappy time of the year bright and cheerful
  • The feeling of love and kindness
  • COOKIES!!!!
  • Everyone having time off together so it’s easy to see people
  • Indulging 
  • Giving people things they love

8. What I’d really like Santa to bring this Christmas:

  • A peaceful day and a magic hangover/ lard cure for Boxing Day
  • Better health
  • surprises
  • Anything but malaria
  • My children’s presents!
  • Health
  • Nothing – I think I have pretty much everything I need for now

9. The worst Christmas present I ever had:

  • A Trapper Keeper
  • A stand for your TV remote. It was just these two white plastic hands on a black base. The remote didn’t even fit. It was rubbish
  • None – I’m easy to please
  • I don’t remember those either. we always went from lists in our family – if they were good enough for santa they were good enough for the rest of us!
  • I don’t remember the bad ones
  • A large floppy brown patchwork cloth bag – you are picturing somthing much nicer than the reality… my dad also regularly gives me dodgy plants, last xmas a frozen orchid which died mushily once put in a warm room!
  • An Abba casette

10. For me personally Christmas is about:

  • Family  
  • Acts of kindess – both premeditated and random
  • Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ
  • Magic, happiness and a much needed fuel stop for joy
  • spreading some happiness. home and hearth
  • Chilling and laughing
  • Brightening up the dark days of winter

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