Ding Dong Christmas Bells (Clusty Cut Up Poem)

It’s a cut up poem and a tongue twister at the same time 😉  I’ve had a sudden rush of inspiration for a new cut up poem since seeing the work CA is doing over on Blown World

Ding Dong Christmas Bells (Clusty Cut Up Poem)

Ding dong, ding dong
Christmas bells are ringing
Dong Ding dong ding
Merrily on High.
Together … the sky
Ding Dong!

ding ding dong
Ding Dong Dandy Christmas
verily the sky
Ring merrily,
Ding Dong Bell
Ding, dong, ding, dong

[Clusty Cut Up Poems Recipe: 1. Enter random phrase in search engine, 2. copy and paste snippets from each returned result in order – one line of poem being one snippet, 3. fiddle lightly until poetic vibe is felt, 4. blog it]


  1. Thanks for the tip of the hat. You’ve made my day by saying that.

    I like your new poem a lot. It’s quite a silly one isn’t it? My favourite part is ‘Together … the sky / Ding Dong!’

    So I’ve decided to compose one for you, using your method. Hope you like it.

    Turkeys Like Christmas

    Don’t eat it, keep it alive
    I want a horse, not
    delicious turkey jello
    for Christmas

    Dreaming of a white meat Christmas?
    America loves fake honey glaze
    I’m an animal, help me out
    He wants to go cold turkey

    Feed a hungry child
    Meat analogue

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