Christmas Day Sunset (Photography)

Christmas Day 2007 and a glorious motorway sunset between the Midlands and Wales. I was rather pleased especially as the car was moving and I was playing with manual settings.

Click on a picture and then ‘All Sizes’ to see a larger version

20071225 xmas motorway sunset 1

20071225 52sunsets week10 motorway

20071225 xmas motorway sunset 3

20071225 xmas motorway sunset 4


All taken inside moving car through the windscreen with my new Nikon D40 with standard lens kit.

And here I am sitting on the passenger and not driving (I’m not totally loopy you know).


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3 comments on “Christmas Day Sunset (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    Oh yes, you are totally loopy and I love it!! Gorgeous pictures — honestly, what’s your secret?

  2. mudspice says:

    My sister just bought a Nikon D40 and I’m anxious to try hers out before I decide which camera to buy myself. I love these shots you took with yours! You can check out my sister’s blog if you want:

    I really appreciated your references to the books about people who are interested in too many things. I’m sure I could learn some valuable information from them. I think when I look back at my past I’ve always been able to juggle a million things at once without getting (too) stressed. But since having kids – especially two kids now, it’s like that capacity has vanished. For the time being anyways. I sense that once I really learn peacefulness, I’ll be able to take on a lot more.

  3. NTE says:

    Gorgeous: it’s hard to take a bad shot of a sunset, isn’t it? Welcome to 2008 ~ I hope it will be wonderful for you!

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