Swollen Sunset (Photography)

Another wet day but after stormy skies came fast moving clouds just in time for sunset.

Except our wooden window frame on the landing (my best sunset vantage point) has swollen shut with the damp weather and I couldn’t get it open for an uninterupted view.  However, you can start to see how I get that view …


[PHOTO] Sunset – 21 January 2008

Nikon D40 with polarising filter.

For a larger version click on the image and then ‘All Sizes’.

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4 comments on “Swollen Sunset (Photography)
  1. Mikki says:

    LOl – but artistically swollen shut don’t you think? Raindrops and sunset all in one…

    Our garage door has swollen shut too and you have to karate kick it to get it open. Not a technique recommended for windows…

  2. Well yes I suppose so – I’ve changed the title to Swollen Sunset in fact.

    Karate kicks are not a great idea for windows – especially not out windows – and especially not when shiny car is parked just under the window …

    A ninja garage is good though.

  3. Nick Scott Donald says:

    Very gothic… atmospheric (bothe literally and non-literally)…very good.

    (By the way, my brother used to try opening stuck windows with a hammer… the results were less than good.)

  4. mudspice says:

    I love this photo! I can’t remember where you live, but seems a lot like where I live – rainy, rainy Vancouver, Canada.

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