First Splitcam Results (Photography)

It took me a while to finish a whole 24 photos on the film in my Splitcam but I now have the first roll back from developing.

The results are mixed.  Most are rather dark – I think due to the 400 asa film and the British winter not mixing well.  Here are 10 of the best.

I also struggled with my foggy brain to figure out the best ways to make use of the Splitcam’s abilities to screen part of the frame and so mix and match to create interesting effects.  I did manage a few though … 

wood for the trees

[PHOTO] Wood For The Trees – Bare winter trees with sky behind and soft brown soil.

which way up

[PHOTO] Which Way Up – Splticam photo of the garden through the window. Fuji Superia 400

car wash

[PHOTO] Car Wash

sky overlaps the ground

[PHOTO] Sky Overlaps The Ground – I don’t know how the split overlaps so much- but it did.  There’s obviously some bleed between the masks which go in front of the shutter.

I failed miserably to put an animals head onto Mr Creative’s shoulders – but I did make him the invisible man … a dream come true for him albeit only for a moment in time.

invisible man

[PHOTO] Invisible Man

I took some double exposures …

ghost hand

[PHOTO] Ghost Hand

sunset double

[PHOTO] Sunset Double

I also took some straight photographs to see if this particular plastic lensed camera would have the same quirky appeal as the Holga.  Actually the pictures turned out surpisingly well – especially considering how plastic and tacky the camera seems!

wells next the sea

[PHOTO] Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, November 2007

clouds through a plastic lens

[PHOTO] Clouds Through a Plastic Lens – Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, November 2007

big sky through a plastic lens

[PHOTO] Big Sky Through A Plastic Lens – Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk, November 2007

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12 comments on “First Splitcam Results (Photography)
  1. Paul Groves says:

    If only that cloak of invisibilty could last longer…and in real life 😉

  2. elemishra says:

    the shot of Paul is well cool 😀

  3. Donimo says:

    I’ve never heard of a splitcam before. I especially like the double sunset and the invisible man. Spooky! The beach scenes through the plastic lens are very Turneresque.

  4. Nina says:

    Hmmmmm……………I wonder what you would do with your invisibility, Paul!!!! 🙂

  5. passerby says:

    hey. 🙂
    just wondering how did you capture the effect for double sunset!

    plz mail me or sth thanks! really wanna knowww.

  6. It’s a double exposure. So I clicked the shutter and then clicked again before I wound the film on. Not all cameras let you take double exposures – in fact a lot safeguard against it. But the Splitcam does, as will a Holga and quite a few older cameras.

  7. passerby says:

    thanks so much! 🙂 just recently got my splitcam but i have no idea on how to go about taking nice pictures haha.

  8. Just play and try different things! I am still trying to figure out the best way to use it. Get some inspirtion here maybe

  9. passerby says:

    thanks a lot! 🙂 haha. a long way to go before i can develop the films. ~

  10. Chikatze says:

    cool! 🙂
    here are the results of my first film:
    when the page is loaded totally, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.
    i won the camera on a little blog contest… that’s the reason why i want to do a spitcam project, i asked your camera-painting for. 😉 pleaaaaase! 🙂

  11. I left you a comment.

    What exactly is the project about?

  12. […] You can see the results of my first film in the Splitcam from February 2008 in this blog post. […]

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