Smooth Sunset (Photography)

I adore this sunset – the range and blending of gorgeous subtle colour.  Yum.


[IMAGE] Sunset – 17 February 2008


[IMAGE] Sunset – 17 February 2008

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4 comments on “Smooth Sunset (Photography)
  1. The foreground is stunning as well. Gives depth to the sunset.

  2. I guess I take that foreground for granted now – this being my regular spot to stand and take a sunset. The best (and sometimes only) view a the sunset from our house. There’s sunsets stretching a few months from this vantage point in this Flickr set of mine

  3. Catherine says:

    Hi Rachael:

    Was looking on MSN images for Klimts tree of life when I came across your sculpure…I love it. I read your comments about wedding invites…were they for yours? I wanted to base my invites on it as well. Could you send me a copy of what your invitations looked like finished??? I would really appreciate it.


  4. I don’t have any digital images as they were all hand drawn.

    I simplified the idea and then abstracted it – so it’s not terribly klimt. I’ll see if I can do some scans to show you.

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