The Flyman Incident – 3 Drawing Series

1. … Flyman returns from a late night jaunt with an impressive battle wound …

flyman battle wound

Drawn from memory while the cat was at the vets.  His black fur goes further down his legs.  But I’m sure he wont be cross with me for getting it a little wrong.

2. … Rachel goes grey and nearly faints after seeing blood and inspecting Fly’s leg …

rachel goes grey

This is my favourite in the series of 3 drawings about the cat’s battle with (we later found out) a fox. 

I am quite squeamish with injuries – particulary blood.  Sometimes I am fine but usually I start the countdown to fainting.  Been this way since I was a teenager – my mom blames my overactive imagination 😉

Now I have a fancy name for it too after doing some research … I suffer from vasovagal syncope So don’t try to test me with gory stories as you will succeed in making me pass out.

3. … Mr Creative remains calm, cleans up the mess and sorts everyone out …

mr creative remains calm

I can rely on Mr Creative in a crisis.  Who says men can’t multi-task?  Mine cleaned the floor, mopped blood off the cat and stopped me from fainting and from having a hysterical panic attack (though he might now know that bit).

I think the slight differences in drawing style, even though they were drawn in succession, shows that I am most confident about drawing myself, followed by the cat (perhaps), and find drawing Mr Creative a nerve wracking experience!  I am hesitant because I want to get it right – and it shows in the style of the drawing especially when compared to the others.  I haven’t quite captured him yet.

Having said that I’m very pleased with the second drawing and very, very pleased to have the real Mr Creative around 🙂

Oh and the pesky cat, of course.


  1. Group hug to you, Mr Creative and Flyman. I wish for quick recovery.
    Animals recover from injury much quciker than us human. But keeping them from moving around is much harder than humans…

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