Bracken Landscapes – Holga (Photography)

Following on from Low Down more Holga bracken landscapes from last month.

green peeps through the bracken

[PHOTO] Green Peeps Through the Bracken – Holga FN, Fuji Superia 400asa

This second one looks like one of those magic eye pictures – it makes my head spin a bit. But what I like is how clearly it shows the odd ghosting I get at the bottom left of my Holga images.  My sweet quirky low tech little Holga!

bracken crazy

[PHOTO] Bracken Crazy – Holga FN, Fuji Superia 400asa

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3 comments on “Bracken Landscapes – Holga (Photography)
  1. Nina says:

    Is it you or is it the Holga? I KNOW it’s you. These are really fantastic pics, and even better is that you’re feeling well enough to take them:-)

  2. I dunno Nina. You haven’t seen the duff shots off the film 😉

  3. iheartfilm says:

    My buddy occasionally gets really drunk and takes his Holga out for a drive. He says it’s the only way to use a Holga.


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