National Memorial Arboretum – Holga (Photography)

Holga photos from our visit to the National Memorial Arboretum this week in Alrewas, Staffordshire.

we will remember them

[PHOTO] We Will Remember Them – Holga FN, Fuji Superia 400asa

military memorial needle

[PHOTO] Military Memorial Needle – Holga FN, Fuji Superia 400asa

memorial stone on sky memorial walls

[PHOTO] [PHOTO] Holga FN, Fuji Superia 400asa

The walls of this Armed Forces Memorial is carved with the names of 16,000 British service men and women who have died during active service or terrorism since the end of the Second World War. The sixth wall is blank – ready for thousands more names.  I hope it stays blank forever.

light through this doorway at the eleventh hour

[PHOTO] [PHOTO] Holga FN, Fuji Superia 400asa

At the eleventh hour a shaft of sunlight shines through the gaps in the walls – coming through this carved doorway and illuminating the wreath in the centre of the memorial.  We will definately be going back to see that special moment happen.

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2 comments on “National Memorial Arboretum – Holga (Photography)
  1. ama says:

    haven’t been here in a bit — nothing to do with you, all to do with me — and i want to make more post-appropriate comments at some point (spring break!!!) — but let me say, now, something that is bursting out of my heart: rachel, you are amazing!

  2. Donimo says:

    The Holga makes things seem so emotional and it really lifts things out of the day-to-day, I find. It seems especially suited for this shoot. Lovely angles and bits of sky here.

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