Kodak Twin 20 – Vintage Camera 620

Inspired by TTV or Through The Viewfinder photography I decided to get myself a vintage camera.  Once I learnt you can respool 120 film onto 620 spools to let these old 620 cameras live again – well I got even more enthused.

(Here’s six methods to get film into your 620 camera)

Kodak Twin 20

So far I have bid on (and won) five vintage cameras off ebay.  Gulp!  Here’s the first one I bought – a Kodak Twin 20.

Kodak Twin 20

It’s surprisingly compact, takes 620 film and as well as the now commonplace viewfinder on the back it also has a waist level viewfinder on the top. I gave her a good clean (it’s so pretty it has to be a girl camera).  She has a dent or two around her lens but I still love her.

Kodak Twin 20 from above

She cost me 99 pence plus post and packing.

[PHOTO] Kodak Twin 20 – taken with Nikon D40

I hope to run a film through her once I have my film changing bag and have mastered to art of respooling!

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  1. […] have read that I bought a load of vintage 120 and 620 film cameras.  The first one I bought was a Kodak Twin 20 and I now have the first roll of film back from the […]

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